The Most Ridiculous Girl You Know (troublecauserx) wrote in that_summer,
The Most Ridiculous Girl You Know

Mikey Barringer Emailed Me. . .

And this is what he said to me-ee:

"i've been meaning to respond to your message from a while ago, andrea, but
i'm a thorn tree in a whirlwind. i had a dream last night that johnny
cash gave me money to buy weed for he and all our friends. i made it
back, though, too late; he was tired and the time had passed. then, when
i went back to his house, he had passed away, but i still had this bag of
pot that i didn't know what to do with. it was nice hanging out with
johnny. he's a nice fellow. if you haven't bought any of his american
recordings yet, please do; make a trip to any non-tower records/border's
outlet and recieve the light. or just use kazaaaa.

there's going to be some pretty sweet shit going on this weekend up here,
i'm organizing the first show in the halfass (east quad's eatery) in two
years. it will rock. we will bring down the house. children will cry
blood. or something.

i hope seaholm is going well for you. i need to frolic in the snow now.
keep in touch, yo.

parachuting acid into diplomatic cocktail parties,

In conclusion, Mikey is smoking a lot of crack . . or something.

But I still <3 him, anyway, of course.
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